…And We’re Back

After exactly a year of inactivity LeftwardThinking.com is back! This incarnation will continue to focus on mainly issues of cyberlaw (intellectual property, free speech, privacy technology and society etc) but topics dear to my heart such as gender inequality and immigration will pop up now and again.

One new feature that I’d like to draw you attention to is our new Leftward Thinking Reader. The Leftward Thinking Reader will be a list of links to relevant articles updated daily (click on ‘show menu’ to find the reader). These articles help form my own education and understanding, and will allow you to keep up on all the latest issues, many of which sadly I don’t have the time to explicitly address on the blog. The Leftward Thinking Reader is also available as an RSS feed which will make it even easier to enjoy relavent articles curated by LeftwardThinking.com

Welcome back!