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…And We’re Back

After exactly a year of inactivity is back! This incarnation will continue to focus on mainly issues of cyberlaw (intellectual property, free speech, privacy technology and society etc) but topics dear to my heart such as gender inequality and immigration will pop up now and again. One new feature that I’d like to draw […]

Link Roundup April 22 2011

I’ve been really swamped this week and haven’t had time to write. Hopefully the stories below will satisfy your blog hunger. I should have some great new articles going up soon though so stayed tuned! Judge: was WiFi packet sniffing by Google Street View spying? – Ars Technica Privacy Policies Don’t Trump Expectation of Privacy […]

Imagining the Future of Privacy with NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC) is nearly upon us. This technology, that enables “tap to pay” systems like the one seen here, is waiting in the wings with companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Citigroup, and MasterCard all developing systems that would integrate with mobile phones to be rolled out as early as 2012. These systems currently […]

Amazon Cloud Drive, It’s Kinda Like a Big Deal – Part 2

Last week we wrote about Amazon’s bold new Cloud Drive service (read part 1 here). In Part 2 of this short series we’ll look at the legal challenges that the music industry will likely mount. First-Sale Doctrine To briefly recap, Amazon’s Cloud Player allows users to store their music in the cloud where they can […]

The Privacy of Facebook Questions

There has recently been a new addition to the items popping up in Facebook newsfeeds across the country with “Facebook Questions”. This feature allows users to asks questions to which friends can respond in either free form or a poll-like format. The user interface encourages users to post these questions as they would any regular […]

Link Roundup April 15 2011

Here is the first of a weekly “Link Roundup” of top stories that may not have otherwise received attention here at Leftward Thinking. Movie studios sue DVD streaming site Zediva – Ars Technica YouTube Sends Users To Copyright School: Will Content Owners Have to Go, Too? – EFF NFC Phones Raise Opportunities, Privacy And Security […]

Amazon Cloud Drive, It’s Kinda Like a Big Deal – Part 1

Early last week Amazon launched a new online music service called Cloud Drive. At first glance Cloud Drive seems to be like any other online storage/backup system. Its features look very similar to Dropbox, a place where you can store your personal files for security and convenience as well as retrieve them from any internet connected computer. Amazon’s Cloud […]

The New Leftward Thinking

Leftward Thinking began in early 2008 as a run-of-the-mill political blog. It was inspired mainly by the exciting democratic presidential primary race and ran exciting coverage and analysis through election day to Obama’s inaugration. However that cinderella story has since faded into malaise of modern politics leaving me with a bitter taste of naivety in […]