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TDIF: Expression (Part 2: Institutional)

The past several posts here have looked at the recently released Delcaration of Internet Freedom (rundown here) and threats that it faces. In the last post we looked at how the Expression principle is constantly being objected to in the United States on morality grounds. Today we’ll look at an even greater threat to expression […]

TDIF: Expression (Part 1: Morality)

In our ongoing series about the Declaration of Internet Freedom (you can read my previous posts here and here) today we’ll look at the Expression principle. Expression: Don’t censor the Internet. This principle seems simple enough, but then again nothing is as simple as it seems. The argument for censorship usually comes in one of […]

TDIF: Preamble

Yesterday I posted about the recently published Declaration of Internet Freedom (read my post here). Today I’ll be taking a look at some of the issues brought up in the declaration and reflect on what they mean. Before reaching the first of the 5 stated principles the preamble itself brings up an interesting point. We […]

Lets Hop Right in with the Internet Declaration of Freedom

A couple of days ago Free Press, their associated Save the Internet, and countless other organizations including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Center for Democracy and Technology, American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, Public Knowledge, Mozilla, Color of Change, and TechDirt. (all of which are kickass organizations which you should totally check out) launched the Internet Declaration of […]