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Tucson’s Ethnic Studies Goes to Court

Last week Arizona’s HB2281 law banning Tucson’s Mexican American Studies program was heard before the 9th circuit federal court of appeals. A lawyer representing two former MAS students argued that the law was vague and over broad, an infringement on the free speech of students, and was created with discriminatory racial animus. Read more The […]

The War On Brown People: Why My Heart Rages and Sorrows

The issue of colonization, segregation and marginalization of brown people in the United States is a vast and expansive problem. However in the last couple of weeks, several factoids and news stories have emerged that give texture and context to the dimensions of this war. Leaked Photos of Detained Minors First were the leaked photos […]

Images of Immigration

Living in Tucson Arizona the impacts of immigration and border militarization are a part of daily life. Over the years friends have been deported, neighboring families have been torn apart and my white privilege is the only thing that keeps me from being harassed by border patrol agents on a regular basis. However for the […]

Undocumented Communities, Surveillance, and the Snowden Revelations

As the Snowden revelations have continued to come out in drips and drabs for nearly a year now, the implications of the NSA activities around domestic spying seem to spread to nearly ever corner of society. Recently I was asked what I thought these implications were for undocumented immigrants living in the United Statese. While […]

…And We’re Back

After exactly a year of inactivity is back! This incarnation will continue to focus on mainly issues of cyberlaw (intellectual property, free speech, privacy technology and society etc) but topics dear to my heart such as gender inequality and immigration will pop up now and again. One new feature that I’d like to draw […]

The New Leftward Thinking

Leftward Thinking began in early 2008 as a run-of-the-mill political blog. It was inspired mainly by the exciting democratic presidential primary race and ran exciting coverage and analysis through election day to Obama’s inaugration. However that cinderella story has since faded into malaise of modern politics leaving me with a bitter taste of naivety in […]