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OT: Misogyny and Facebook

Last night I attended my local Take Back the Night event as part of April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month. For those that are unfamiliar, Take Back the Night is an annual event that takes place in communities across the country and encourages victims of sexual assault and rape to share their stories and empower themselves […]

Anil Dash, Race, and Privately Owned Public Spaces

Anil Dash recently gave a presentation at Harvard’s Berkman Center and I wanted briefly map out just a couple of my reactions to what he said. You can get some context and read all about the presentation here, there is a nice outline of the talk here, and you can read Anil’s bio here. I’ve […]

The Privacy of Facebook Questions

There has recently been a new addition to the items popping up in Facebook newsfeeds across the country with “Facebook Questions”. This feature allows users to asks questions to which friends can respond in either free form or a poll-like format. The user interface encourages users to post these questions as they would any regular […]