The New Leftward Thinking

Leftward Thinking began in early 2008 as a run-of-the-mill political blog. It was inspired mainly by the exciting democratic presidential primary race and ran exciting coverage and analysis through election day to Obama’s inaugration. However that cinderella story has since faded into malaise of modern politics leaving me with a bitter taste of naivety in my mouth. New and re-born Leftward Thinking will now focus on the exciting and everchanging landscape of the relationship between technology and government regulation. As digital copyright issues work their way through the courtsystem, as congress struggles to revamp our outdated copyright law, as patent trolls fight over intellectual property, as AT&T attempts to gobble up T-Mobile, and as Google and Facebook stumble over how to be a responsible internet giant, Leftward Thinking will bring you the latest news along with my own unique insight. There may be a sprinkling of social justice posts, or purely gadget oriented technology posts but I’ll try my best to stay on topic. Some posts may be be brief linking to other interesting articles, while other may be my own in depth take on recent issues.

To give you a brief tour of the site. “Further Information”, at the bottom of the website, is a place where you can search the website for relevant articles, or filter out blog posts by category. You can also view popular article tags, and see Leftward Thinking’s blogroll for related blogs. The “Show Menu” along the top of the site is where you can find further information on myself and the blog or leave your feedback. Most importantly however is the “Subscribe for Free” page. On the “Subscribe for Free” page you can stay updated on the blog via RSS, Facebook, Twitter, or E-Mail.

On that note, Welcome to Leftward Thinking. Please let me know what you think, and I hope you enjoy the blog.