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Lets Hop Right in with the Internet Declaration of Freedom

A couple of days ago Free Press, their associated Save the Internet, and countless other organizations including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Center for Democracy and Technology, American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, Public Knowledge, Mozilla, Color of Change, and TechDirt. (all of which are kickass organizations which you should totally check out) launched the Internet Declaration of […]

Amazon Cloud Drive, It’s Kinda Like a Big Deal – Part 2

Last week we wrote about Amazon’s bold new Cloud Drive service (read part 1 here). In Part 2 of this short series we’ll look at the legal challenges that the music industry will likely mount. First-Sale Doctrine To briefly recap, Amazon’s Cloud Player allows users to store their music in the cloud where they can […]

Amazon Cloud Drive, It’s Kinda Like a Big Deal – Part 1

Early last week Amazon launched a new online music service called Cloud Drive. At first glance Cloud Drive seems to be like any other online storage/backup system. Its features look very similar to Dropbox, a place where you can store your personal files for security and convenience as well as retrieve them from any internet connected computer. Amazon’s Cloud […]