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Parks and Recreation and Online Privacy

Parks and Recreation is a successful NBC comedy entering its seventh and final season. Several weeks ago the show aired an episode that tackled the issue of online privacy. In this episode the fictional company Grizzl, a mish mash of Google, Facebook, and other Silicon Valley behemoths, come under attack for their data mining and […]

Smartphones and Domestic Violence Stalking

Yesterday on NPR’s radio news show All Things Considered there was a story about smartphone spyware and the way male abusers can use smartphone’s GPS, microphone, and other features to track and stalk their victims. There were several angles of this story that interested me. For one, it relates to the intersection of gender and […]

#ResetTheNet (shout out)

Reset The Net is a movement launching June 5th to promote a secure internet to counter the surveillance practices by organizations like the NSA. Check out the video below and get involved at!

The Fight for Derechos Digitales & Internet Freedom in México

On March 24 2014 Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto introduced the “Ley de Telecomunicaciones y Radiodifusión” (Law of Telecommincations and Broadcasting). This bill would dramatically change the balance of power of Mexico’s internet, and telecommunications, toward more state control, and less restraints on telecommunication corporations to censor, surveil, and discriminate on their networks. Specifically this bill would impact four major […]

Undocumented Communities, Surveillance, and the Snowden Revelations

As the Snowden revelations have continued to come out in drips and drabs for nearly a year now, the implications of the NSA activities around domestic spying seem to spread to nearly ever corner of society. Recently I was asked what I thought these implications were for undocumented immigrants living in the United Statese. While […]

Lets Hop Right in with the Internet Declaration of Freedom

A couple of days ago Free Press, their associated Save the Internet, and countless other organizations including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Center for Democracy and Technology, American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, Public Knowledge, Mozilla, Color of Change, and TechDirt. (all of which are kickass organizations which you should totally check out) launched the Internet Declaration of […]

Imagining the Future of Privacy with NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC) is nearly upon us. This technology, that enables “tap to pay” systems like the one seen here, is waiting in the wings with companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Citigroup, and MasterCard all developing systems that would integrate with mobile phones to be rolled out as early as 2012. These systems currently […]

The Privacy of Facebook Questions

There has recently been a new addition to the items popping up in Facebook newsfeeds across the country with “Facebook Questions”. This feature allows users to asks questions to which friends can respond in either free form or a poll-like format. The user interface encourages users to post these questions as they would any regular […]