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The Internet Belongs to Everyone

I’ve recently been exploring tools to help educate others about how the internet works and more generally promote digital media literacy. The ability for internet users to understand the tools that they use and develop their ability to contribute to the web by creating their own independent media is extremely important. Below is a little […]

Take That, Janet Jackson’s Nipple #InternetSlowdown

Public advocacy groups and internet companies from across the web banned together on September 10th for an action dubbed The Great Internet Slowdown. Participating websites displayed a loading animation and a message warning visitors that net neutrality is in danger. They also provided a way for internet users to make their voices heard and let […]

Learning By Example, Net Neutrality Violations

What is Net Neutrality? Everyone likes to joke that it’s boring and complicated but it’s really neither. While I try to give a good introduction to Net Neutrality, and what violations looks like, in my post The FCC vs. Net Neutrality some people, myself included, learn best from examples. Piggy backing off of a post […]

The Net Neutrality Debate Lacks Imagination

While I find the net neutrality debate extremely important and interesting, I can understand how other people fail to see why they should care about the issue, or how it could effect their lives. I believe that this failure is due to a lack of imagination in the network neutrality debate. The general public has […]

Kevin Glass and Timothy Lee on Bloggingheads

One of my favorite website hosted a great conversation several weeks ago between Kevin Glass of Townhall and Timothy Lee of Vox on the topic of Net Neutrality (of which I’ve written most frequently about here and here). The conversation was very interesting, Timothy Lee is one of the best on the topic (and is […]

FCC vs Net Neutrality (Part 2)

On May 15th FCC chairmann Tom Wheeler officially unveiled his new ‘net neutrality’ proposal and the commission voted on a partisan 3-2 line to move forward with the proposal kicking off a  three month public comment session before a final vote takes place (take action below). I recently wrote a very thorough rundown of the net […]

The FCC vs Net Neutrality

O n April 23rd the Wall Street Journal reported that the FCC was preparing to release new Open Internet (aka Net Neutrality) Rules that would allow for broadband providers to offer paid ‘fast lanes’. The leak of this information has lead to a media firestorm forcing FCC chairman Tom Wheeler has scrambled to clarify his […]

Citizens Take to the Streets in México to Fight for Internet Freedom

  Last week citizens across Mexico took to the streets to protest a recently proposed telecom law that would violate free speech, give the federal governemtn increased survelleicen powers, and limit internet access, among other issues. Please read my orignal post about the law and the problems it creates. My original post also has some […]

NetMundial2014 Opening Ceremony Photos

This morning I just had to get up early to catch the opening ceremony of the Net Mundial in São Paulo Brazil, and it didn’t disappoint. There were a number of great speakers from Vint Cerf, to Tim Berners-Lee, to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. However, I have to say that my favorite was definitely Nnenna […]

The Fight for Derechos Digitales & Internet Freedom in México

On March 24 2014 Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto introduced the “Ley de Telecomunicaciones y Radiodifusión” (Law of Telecommincations and Broadcasting). This bill would dramatically change the balance of power of Mexico’s internet, and telecommunications, toward more state control, and less restraints on telecommunication corporations to censor, surveil, and discriminate on their networks. Specifically this bill would impact four major […]