The Internet Belongs to Everyone

I’ve recently been exploring tools to help educate others about how the internet works and more generally promote digital media literacy. The ability for internet users to understand the tools that they use and develop their ability to contribute to the web by creating their own independent media is extremely important. Below is a little mini-project I created yesterday playing with these tools and ideas.


“Yesterday, the U.S. State Department released a video about global internet governance. In addition to explaining what is going on with global internet governance, it is full of great animations that you might expect in an internet advocacy-type video. Since the video is a work of the U.S. State Department and therefore in the public domain, those animations are freely available for anyone to use however they see fit.”

The above is pulled from a blog post by Public Knowledge who has taken the video and remixed it to discuss the importance of net neutrality. You can check out their remix project here.

My Remix

Inspired by Public Knowledge’s idea, I took the same U.S. State Department video and made my own remix using Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker tool. Check out my remix here (or view it below). But I didn’t just make my own remix, I made a template for future remixes!

Now it’s Your Turn

Because I used Mozilla’s Popcorn Maker tool, you can easily use my remix as a template for you own. By either clicking the “recycle” icon on the embedded video above, or by visiting the view my video page here and clicking the green remix button at the top, you can edit/remix my video using the same tool I did and make it your own!

Internet World

*A modified version of this blog post was originally creating using Mozilla’s Webmaker Thimble tool and can be viewed here.